The New Beginnings

The amazing thing about losing something is finding it again! : ) If you  were wondering what’s been happening with Soularch over the past two months then read on ~ I woke up early one morning to find my camera gear stolen. Yes, it was a sinking, horrible feeling. Not just to know that someone else loved my gear more than me, or that they had been coveting it, but the simple fact that it wasn’t insured and that it would be hard to live without being able to do what brings so much pleasure – photographing & sharing with you! Well, I’m pleased to say that I’ve been able to replace some equipment now & wonderfully I was given a lens ~ this I find incredible. It always surprises me how amazing some people can be! So today is the new beginning. I hope you can continue enjoying & sharing what I’m so passionate for. Hope you’ve missed the photo’s and thanks for all those who knew & sent me encouraging words. 😀 Thanks – Levi


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