Diverse Surfboards

Mega @ Padang Padang

Of all the surfboards out there, What can you gain by choosing a DIVERSE Surfboard? Good Question for those of you who dont have one of our great boards yet.

Ask someone you see with a Diverse board.

Our Boards last… one way to show the difference is to offer a 50% guaranteed trade in on all our boards…!

We use Volume measurements to help guide you to the correct size board. Sick of buying unsuitable boards, Calculate your minimum ideal volume here…

Diverse offer a Premium series to really get to know you as a customer & get your surfing level moving up.

In case you didnt know we have an ever expanding range of graphics to personify your board. We can put anything you dream up on computer onto a board Digitally!

Check out the designer series or even submit a dozen graphics your self & get paid a royalty for what sells to the world.

Check us out at www.diversesurf.com.au
Follow us on twitter @diversesurf

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